Jetzt schnell zum neuen Natsu Store in Düsseldorf
Dein Weg zum Natsu Store
Frische Produkte in unserem Natsu Store

We focus on what's important.

Since we like to keep it simply good, the names of the dishes are simple and put our fresh ingredients into focus. „Salad. Lentils. Arugula. Cashews“, „Poké Box. Roast beef. Beans. Cashews“ or „Wrap. Date. Bacon. Sweet Potato“ leave no doubt as to what one eats.

As usual, everything is to go - ideal for a quick lunch break or breakfast on the way into the office. Fans of Düsseldorf-based frozen yoghurt chain Yomaro also have a reason to celebrate, because at the Natsu Store, yoghurt specialties are available all year round, even during the winter months when the other Yomaro branches are closed.

Frische Produkte in unserem Natsu Store

Hot deals.

Deals and surprises are available as well. For lunches starting from € 5 you will receive a small Yomaro cup or sweet pot for additional € 2. If you buy a lunch pack by 10 am, you will get a pick-me-up coffee for free. „HAVE A FRESH NIGHT!“ From 9pm we give 40 % on all products with a same-day expiration date.

Frische Produkte in unserem Natsu Store

Fresh. Fresher. Natsu.

All store products are freshly produced daily in our factory in Neuss. As you may already know, we attach great importance to sustainability. We make sure that our fish comes from sustainable breeding and that our packaging is recyclable and partially biodegradable. It is also important to us to keep our regional roots, both in the sourcing of raw ingredients as in the manufacture of the products themselves.

Frische Produkte in unserem Natsu Store

Because good is just good. THE GOOD CARD.

Stamp until the card is full. When you eat at Natsu, you're doing good at the same time: Because if all fields on THE GOOD CARD stamp card are filled, you can drop the card in the donations box at the store. Then we will donate € 3 per card. The organization is changed every three months, so that as many organizations as possible can profit from the offer. You can make sure that none come short, since you can give suggestions on Facebook.

Frische Produkte in unserem Natsu Store

We're looking forward to your visit.

We are curious to find out how you like the store. We have tried to create a Natsu feel-good atmosphere: light oak meets white painted metal, modern concrete meets classic marble. At large wooden tables or at the high table, with a view of the Düsseldorf city life, you can eat through our assortment. We are looking forward to your visit. You are not from Düsseldorf? Do not be sad. If things go well, we won’t rule out successors in other cities.

Adresse Natsu Store

Natsu Store in CROWN

Berliner Allee 52
40211 Düsseldorf

T: 0211 - 862 935 80

Monday through Saturday. 8am until 10pm