Our Food Trucks

So far, we have exclusively delivered our fresh food to the supermarket of your choice. But now we can bring your favourite food to your favourite place: whether it is the stadium, in the office, or if you wish, in your own garden.


What are the food trucks?

Our food trucks are no regular food trucks. They are variety on wheels! We currently operate three trucks stocked with always fresh sandwiches, sushi, wraps and hot dishes. And now we can deliver this freshness right to your door. Is there anything better than enjoying your favourite Natsu products wherever you would like to?!


What awaits you?

We can stock up to 400 products in each truck, using an integrating cooling system - for up to six hours at a time. Always fresh - and now near you!


Should the Food Truck visit you as well?

You would like tasty freshness right in front of your door? Then let us know - we can come by your office party, your next team meet or just for the lunchbreak. Write us an email or just use the contact form!

The next dates

Freshness is always welcome! You can see here where the next stop on our Food Truck tour is going to be.

  • 17th March

    15 - 18 h.

    Sei dabei und snack mit uns wenn Borussia Mönchengladbach gegen Hoffenheim spielt. Wir freuen uns wie immer sehr auf euch!


    Adresse: Stadion im Borussia-Park, Hennes-Weisweiler-Allee 1, 41179 Mönchengladbach

  • 2nd March

    19 - 22 h.

    Frische Snacks im Stadion bei Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. Werder Bremen. Stärkung gibt’s an unseren Food Trucks. Wir freuen uns auf euch!


    Adresse: Borussia Park, Hennes-Weisweiler-Allee 1, 41179 Mönchengladbach

The Food Truck Tour in pictures

Natsu Food Truck beim Kitesurf Worldcup
Natsu Food Truck beim Kitesurf Worldcup
Natsu Food Truck beim Windsurf Worldcup 2017
Natsu Food Truck bei Borussia Mönchengladbach 1
Natsu Food Truck beim Kitesurf Worldcup 2017