Traditional recipes combined with creative and innovative components.

Our fresh Sushi

The story of how our sushi reached your supermarket.

If you ask yourself how Japanese sushi found it’s way to two German guys, we’ll tell you.
Us, that is Tim and Tom. We are two brothers from Neuss, Germany, and are responsible for the daily delivery of fresh sushi, tasty pasta salads, delicious sandwiches and healthy soups to the supermarket of your choice. We studied in the Netherlands, lived in the US, travelled through South America and lived in Italy. Back in Germany our bags (and minds) were full to the brim with great ideas. We were inspired by an eclectic mix of culinary influences and combined with our family background of food production, we were highly motivated to bring new and honest products to Germany. One day we asked ourselves why there isn’t any sushi available at the supermarket which measures up to the same high quality and freshness of traditional sushi? The idea was born and is simply called: Sushi for all!
With the help of our father and a friend who is a sushi master, we started a trial of fresh, packaged sushi-with success!
This was reason enough for us to embark on our ‘sushi’ adventure.

Variatio delectat. (lat. Variety is delightful). Our Natsu Products.

We don’t just eat sushi. That would be boring of course. This is why we extended our range over the last few years. Now Natsu offers fresh soups, tasty salads, delicious sandwiches and wraps as well. Unlike our sushi, we don’t produce those ourselves, but supply those. Our suppliers have to adhere to our principle of always striving for the best possible product and have to have the same high quality standards: All products are submitted to our strict quality controls before they are delivered, so that you can always rely on high quality, freshness and the best ingredients.

High quality instead of mass production: True Sushi Love.

Natsu uses the most modern Sushi production machines available, in order to produce over half a million individual sushi pieces on a weekly basis. Sounds a lot and it is a lot. But that doesn’t mean that we would ignore Japanese traditions. When we launched Natsu, we developed the recipes together with a friend who is a sushi master. He has many years of experience in sushi production and preparation. We probably would have been lost without him. With his knowledge, we were able to continually develop our Natsu sushi. Because: Stagnation means regression. Today we base our Natsu sushi creations on traditional recipes, combined with creative, innovative components and European influences which offer a modern sushi experience.

Finally: Our sushi doesn’t only taste good, it is also healthy. Sushi contains almost the same nutritional values as other foods but is considerably lower in fat. No worries, it will still fill you up. Rice increases the blood sugar level slowly during the digestive process. That means you feel full for longer.

If you’d like to convince yourselves: Discover our fresh Natsu selection here, where you can also check the nutritional value of our products.



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Where there’s a good product there is always a good story to tell. So get comfortable and let us tell you how it all began.