Our aim to always strive for the best comes first, next to our claim of honesty

Our Claim-Honesty

To begin with and before we indulge in a bit of self praise about us and our ingredients: Yes, we also read the newspaper with our morning coffee and check the relevant online magazines first thing. And yes, we are aware of the discussions in the media about additives and false claims of the food industry. We know that there are many grey areas in the food law being abused, playing fast and loose with the consumers, meaning you and us.
Yoghurts that have never seen a strawberry are called strawberry yoghurts. Extremely sugary products claim to aid digestion. Milk does contain calcium of course and benefit a child’s development. Everyone knows that. But sugar and other not so healthy ingredients are often not stated and are only obvious if you take a second look.
L.casei cultures are probiotic, it all sounds a bit idiotic.
To cut a long story short: Our claim is honesty. We'd like to say that we are capable of quite a lot by now, but we haven't achieved everything yet. We don't want to pretend. But we are always and consistently working on improving ourselves and our products. Our aim to always strive for the best comes first, next to our claim to honesty. This includes all the areas which we've tried to summarize for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you still have some questions or if you'd like to discuss an issue with us personally or if you have ideas for improvement (chemists of large pharmaceutical industries are not invited). Just send us an E-Mail or call us.

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