Actions speak louder than words. We know that.

The issue of sustainability

These are times in which many businesses like to jump aboard the 'all-organic-train' and  like to claim their bit of ‘green' fame and we could tell you about sustainability all day long as well. But we don't want to. Actions speak louder than words. We know that. We'd like to claim responsibility towards the environment and society, even though we are aware that the term 'sustainability' is a tad overused in the media at the moment. We are not a large company but we are constantly trying to do our bit for the protection of our environment. For example, we use our own funds to invest in improving sustainability. Rest assured: We will keep you posted about our progress.

Being a slowcoach is a good thing! Finish first with lower CO2 emissions.

Yes, we have our own delivery logistics. Our refrigerated vans emit CO2. Logistically it is impossible to avoid that. But in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we introduced a speed limit of a maximum of 140km/h to all our vehicles. This way we managed to reduce our petrol consumption by 15%. Additionally we train our drivers in order to raise awareness about this very important issue. But we always see more potential to reduce our carbon footprint even further, e.g. we commissioned a trial to partially run our fleet of vans on natural gas or how we can neutralise our carbon footprint through investments in environmental projects. ClimatePartner is our partner in achieving that goal.

Our Packaging: Dressing up is important.

Currently we use packaging with PET for our sushi products. PET is sorted dually and is then recycled, as it’s common in Germany. Unfortunately, PET is based on mineral oil, as most other synthetic materials. We see real potential for improvement here and are investigating if we could substitute PET with PLA which is an organic synthetic material. PLA (Polyactide) is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and it is biodegradable. Apart from the fact, that it would be better for the environment, we are convinced that our sushi would be comfortable in a cornstarch outfit. And we would feel comfortable with that thought, too.

For the packaging of our sandwiches we use FSC-certified cardboard, which means it is made from wood which comes mainly from sustainable forests. Furthermore for the small images and texts, that hopefully entertain you while eating, we only use mineral oil free ink, firstly because it does not taste good, and secondly because it is not healthy.

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