The more Natsu you eat, the more Natsu is available.

Freshness is our heart and soul

Fresh delivery: From used cars to a fleet of refrigerator vans

When we started our company, we first bought a used, non-refrigerated van and delivered our first sushi in cooling boxes filled with ice cubes. Today our fleet of  refrigerated vans consists of 130 vans with automatic, constant temperature monitoring.

Our highest principle: Freshness!

We are in production seven days a week. We don't store any products but dispatch them immediately with our own fleet of refrigerated vans. How do we do that? We deliver to order and take back returns from the supermarkets, if previously arranged. That means: If you eat only a little Natsu and there is a lot left over, then we collect the unsold goods and discard them ourselves. This way, we keep control over the level of freshness. Next time we simply deliver less, which means in reverse: The more Natsu you eat, the more is available and the less is thrown away.

Freshness around the corner: In your supermarket every other day.

At the moment we deliver our fresh sushi boxes, light wraps, crunchy salads and delicious sandwiches to all big supermarket chains across Germany. Nevertheless, we remain a small business which is very hands on during the buying of produce, the production, the quality monitoring, the sale, the delivery and the stocking of the fridges. Yes, you've read it correctly. Our drivers take it strictly personal. We can't really expect the manager of the supermarket to take care of it. With thousands of products being delivered that would be pushing it. But at the same time, we can keep a 'Natsu eye' on things and can make sure that only the freshest products are finding their way to you.
Next time you see one of our drivers personally stocking the counter with our products, why don't you say a friendly 'hello' to him. He will surely appreciate it.

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